How to embed iAnn events in Drupal 6.x

We have created a very simple module for Drupal 6.x. We are planning to release a new version soon to allow Drupal administrators more configuration options. Currently the configuration of the event viewer can be intuitively changed looking at the code in the iann.module file. The code follows the same principle explained in "How to embed iAnn events in your website".

  • As a drupal administrator enable the iAnn module in "admin/build/modules".
  • The iAnn module is available as block in "admin/build/block".
  • It is also possible to embed it in a "Page". To do so create a new page, select "PHP code" as input format and paste the following lines in the body page:
    $block = module_invoke('iann', 'block', 'view', 0);
    print $block['content'];

    The last parameter is the the "block id" for the iAnn module (0 in this case).