How to use the editor to upload an event

Currently we have a simple and functional version for the editor that allows curators to input and edit events. Please visit this page from time to time to check the latest changes. To access the editor, please request a username and password to

Edit events

You can look for events and modify them using the viewer admin tool: Click on the pencil icon to open an event in the editor. You will need a username and password to edit events.

Add events

The editor of events is available in

Some tips about how to use the editor:

We aim to collect the minimum information about an event. This consists of a summary that gives an overview of the event.

We have two types of events (courses and meetings). Courses include any type of short training events such as workshops and hand-on training. We do not include long courses like Master degree. In meetings we include short events/gatherings and conferences. We do not include individual talks.

The star symbol * next to a form field indicates a field is mandatory. We would recommend that other important fields such as "Host", "Venue" and "Specialty" are filled in whenever possible.

If you want to correct an event we would appreciate if you could specify in the comments section the update you would like us to add.

There are some fields which use an auto-complete functionality. As soon as you start writing something, previously added text is added as suggestions. We are however, working on this functionality to improve the way we display suggestions. The aim of the auto-complete functionality is  to standardize terminology; think for instance of an event that could be entered with venue "EBI", "EMBL-EBI", "EBI-EMBL" or "European Bioinformatics Institute". The auto-complete functionality should help choose "European Bioinformatics Institute". Since the auto-complete functionality is very basic, we would appreciate curators using existing terms, available in the event viewer.