iAnn Web Services

iAnn provides REST web services to allow powerful and flexible queries using the Solr query syntax. Applications like the iAnn viewer or the iAnn editor rely on these web services to perform searches, filter information or upload data. Web services are available in RSSSolr and iCalendar.


Query the first two events from the iAnn registry happening in the UK:

"q"  The q parameter is normally the main query for the request. See Solr query syntax for more information on different types of queries and syntaxes.

"start"  This parameter is used to paginate results from a query. When specified, it indicates the offset in the complete result set for the queries where the set of returned documents should begin. (i.e. the first record appear in the result set is the offset). The default value is "0".
"rows"  This parameter is used to paginate results from a query. When specified, it indicates the maximum number of documents from the complete result set to return to the client for every request. (You can consider it as the maximum number of result appear in the page). The default value is "10".

Queries using the "q" parameter

A query consists of terms and operators:

  • Terms: single words or phrases. E.g. "germany" AND "systems biology"
  • Fields: used to search in a specific column. E.g. provider:"Wellcome Trust"
  • Term modifiers: wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity and range searches. E.g. "prote*"
  • Operands: OR (or space), AND, NOT, +, -. E.g. meeting AND proteomics | united states NOT interactomes
  • Grouping and field grouping:E.g. course AND (bioinformatics "united kingdom")


Searchable fields for announcements of type event

Name Field Description Example
Id id Unique identifier assigned by the system id:48*
Title title Title for the event title:bioinformatics
Subtitle subtitle Subtitle for the event subtitle:biomarkers
Host provider Organization hosting the event provider:"Select Biosciences"
Starts start Date the event starts start:[* TO 2012-11-30T00%3A00%3A00Z]
Ends end Date the event ends end:[* TO 2012-11-30T00%3A00%3A00Z]
Venue venue Venue where the event is hosted venue:"The Panum Institute"
City city City where the event is hosted city:San*
County county Coutry where the event is hosted county:Cambridgeshire
Country country Country where the event is hosted country:"United States"
Postcode postcode Postcode of the venue postcode:30521
Keywords keyword Keywords describing the event keyword:Molecular*
Category category Type of event category:course
Field field Branches of science in molecular biology field:Bioinformatics
Sponsor sponsor Sponsor sponsoring this announcement sponsor:Agilent
Submission date submission_date Date of submission or modification in the registry submission_date:[2011-11-04T21:11:00.71Z TO 2011-12-04T21:11:00.71Z]
Organization submission_organization Organization the submitter belong to submission_organization:BSPR
Name submission_name Name of the submitter submission_name:Ping
Comments submission_comment Message or comment about the submission submission_comment:"Correct title"
Public public Just events classified as public should be displayed. public:true
Text text Automatic field created for seraches pouposes. Includes title, subtitle, description, provider, venue, city, country, keyword, category and field text:proteomics

A more detailed list of fields can be found in the schema.