Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS 64 BIT

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Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS Driver

Canon Other Drivers.» Scan Computer for Canon Driver Updates . EOS Kiss_X REBEL_XTi D · FSUS FilmGet FS Ver. b (Windows. View and Download Canon CanoScan FSUS brochure & specs online. Scanner Canon CanoScan FBS Product Manual technology to FilmGet FS, the scanner's driver software, provides you automatically remove dust, scratches. IN-DEPTH review of the Canon FS digital film scanner, with actual with Canon's FilmGet FS acquire plug-in that operates the g: FBS.

Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS 64Bit

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Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS Driver

They're well known for their full range of cameras and lenses, in both the film and digital worlds, and also produce a range of other products including printers, scanners, Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS office equipment. The common thread that unites all their products is imaging, a core strength of the company.

In the digital world, Canon has developed one of the broader lines of digital cameras, spanning the range from entry level point and shoot models to a professional SLR model.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US User Manual: Quick Start

The EOS D30 Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS officially marketed as a "semi-pro" camera, but it's found its way into the camera bags of a great many professionals. Canon has both flatbed and film scanners, emanating from two different divisions of the company, competing strongly in their respective niches. The CanoScan FS that's the subject of this review is the latest in their line of film scanners, sporting high-end specs of dpi scanning resolution and bit digitization at a very affordable price relative to other models on the market with similar specifications.

The FS is a bit slower than the fastest film scanners we've tested, but that's about the only parameter in which its performance is the least bit off true professional standards. This is a remarkably capable film scanner at a very aggressive price point that's surely going to cause the competition to sit up and notice. Despite it's "prosumer" positioning, it actually has the distinction of having the highest resolution we've yet seen in a film scanner at any price point, and its optics appear to be superior to anything we've seen in any competing unit High Points Color or black and white 35mm negatives and positives, APS with optional adapter dpi maximum input resolution 14 bits per channel digitization accuracy Very effective Infrared-based dust removal technology Dual USB and SCSI interfaces for Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS, easy interface to most computers Long-life cold cathode fluorescent light source Ships with Photoshop LE and CanoScan acquire plug-in for both Mac and Windows The Basics The CanoScan FSUS is a typical size for a desktop film scanner, although Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS elongated shape means it's difficult to make our standard comparison to a thick book standing on its spine.

The FS has about the same cross-section as a book, but is a good bit longer, with overall dimensions of 3.

It weighs about 5. While it's longer than some scanners, the film holders don't project out the back of the unit as those of some models do, meaning you don't need to allow any more space at the back of the unit than is required to provide clearance for the connecting cables. We only tested our evaluation unit using the SCSI connection.

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Most current computers, whether Macs or PCs have USB ports though, so the scanner should be able to be used "out of the box" with just about any computer built in the last few years. The scanner ships with a nice set of software on the accompanying CD, with good support of both Mac and PC computing platforms. The Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS is operated from within Photoshop, allowing immediate adjustment or editing of the images as soon as they're acquired.

Arcsoft's PhotoBase image database program is also provided for both platforms.


For printing, the two platforms diverge slightly, with Canon's ImageBrowser offered to meet Mac users' printing needs, and Canon's PhotoRecord dedicated photo-printing package provided for Windows users. Of the two, Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS provides much more flexible printing capabilities, ImageBrowser being mainly intended for use as a photo-organizer tool. Still, it's nice to see support as well-balanced between Mac and PC platforms as it is.

Scanning resolution can be Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS high as dpi, producing a maximum image size of x pixels with 35mm film, for a file size of 64 megabytes.

New Drivers: Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS

Beyond its basic scanning resolution though, we also found the FS's lens system to be one of the sharpest we've seen to date, and the overall resolution Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS detail delivered by the scanner is among the highest we've seen to date. Bit depth is another important parameter for scanners, as a measure of both color accuracy and the maximum density range a scanner can recognize.

Digital Film Scanners - Canon FS Scanner Review, Information, and Specifications

A few scanners are now beginning to appear with 14 bits per channel of digitization accuracy. The CanoScan FS captures a full 14 bits per channel, and furthermore allows you to import the full 42 bit image 14 bits in each of three color channels into Photoshop. Special Features We've reviewed several scanners in the past that offer automated dust-removal systems. Some use purely software-based techniques that we've found to be of little benefit: If they remove the dust, they also remove most of the fine subject detail.

If Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS leave the subject detail, they leave the dust too.

The most successful methods use infrared light to generate a "defect mask" that then guides sophisticated processing in the scanner's firmware and software. The idea is that the infrared light passes through the film's emulsion layers more or less untouched, but is blocked by dust or scratches. We've found infrared-based Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS to be quite effective in removing dust and scratches from your scans.

Thus far, the only infrared-based technology for dust removal has been "Digital ICE" by Applied Science Fiction, licensed to both Nikon Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS Minolta for use in their film scanners. This is an IR-based approach, distinguished by the almost zero impact it has on underlying subject detail. Previously, even the best implementations of IR-based dust removal resulted in at least some softening of the image.

You could generally get back most of the sharpness by careful application of unsharp masking in an image editing program, but there was always at least some loss of detail, no matter what you did. With FARE, we found that there was really no Canon CanoScan FB1200S FilmGet FS of detail that we could discern, possibly just a tiny bit of softening when the control was set to "Strong" in the control software.

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Of course, there's still no free lunch:

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