Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme Driver

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Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme Driver

Buy Asus MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME/ASSEMBLY ROG EATX DDR4 LGA in the BIOS, which is useful if you are trying to keep a color theme. I'm not. BIOS. asus-rog-rampage-extremeintel-xmotherboard-. ASUS's UEFI for the Rampage V Edition 10 has a new sleek black/gray/red skin. Enjoy the DDR4 benefits with Rampage V Extreme. (DDR4:DDR3) .. ROG-themed CPU-Z shows important system information. Mem TweakIt. Dynamic timing.

Drivers Update: Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme

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Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme Driver

To put your curiosity at rest, you can open the front of the packaging to reveal the board behind a plastic window, which is practically a must in such a diverse market.

In fact, that front flap opens twice. If you look at the back of the packaging, you'll see the usual cluster of information about board features, performance, and so on.


And with motherboards, there's a lot to take in, or fit on a 10"x10" piece of cardboard for that matter. The first fold out takes a lot of the concepts introduced on the back and explains them more in-depth. The second fold out reveals that window to the contained board that I'm such a fan of.

Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme Windows 7 64-BIT

To further aid in the understanding of your cables, Asus has included a sheet of drive tags that can be used to label the specifc drive that is connected HDD1 may be your boot drive, for example. Included in the package is a solid white USB cable used for this process, which corresponds to a special USB port on the board marked white as well.

Starting in the top left corner of the Gene we have the 8 pin CPU power connection. In the top right corner of the Gene next to the boards four red and black dim slots you have the boards 24 pin main power connection.

Technical Details

Below the 24 pin power connection there is a red USB 3. The bottom right edge of the Gene is packed with different headers.

Driver: Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme

On the bottom right, below the before mentioned diagnostic LED you have the front panel header. Each connection is labeled and easy to read. I would love to Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme Asus go a step beyond this and color code the actual header like we have seen before, but as long as you have your eyes on you will be able to get the job done.


Moving over you have another four pin chassis fan header, one of three. Then you have two grey USB 2.

Download Drivers: Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme

The left side of the bottom of the Gene has your front audio header on the far left. The main features of this section are the red start and black reset buttons.

Both stand out and are fairly easy to read as long as you are not running a card in the last PCIe x4 slot. The top slot will run at x16 when running a single Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme and when both are used together you ended up with two x8 slots. The board is certainly heavier than its looks, and since there aren't any compartments to place rocks, the weight is obviously due to quality components and the generous assortment of heat-sinks with the ROG theme.

Not only are there heat-sinks on top, but also underneath the board for increased pressure and extra cooling. Nothing has been skimped. The new Haswell-E series chips from Intel are here, so is a new socket and new chipset- the Intel X You will find a plethora of practical buttons, switches and jumpers, enough to please the most die-hard overclocker.

New Versions of AI Suite and ROG Theme

No matter how tempting it is, it's not a good idea to start pressing the buttons and flicking the switches at random while the system is on. Please read the manual!

With so much power it's not funny, of course you want to play some games at full resolution, eye-candy turned up to super-sweet, and sound turned up Asus Maximus V Extreme ROG Theme OMG! ROG has put to shame onboard sound of yesteryear, with SupremeFXit is truly as awesome as dedicated sound cards.

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Sonic SenseAmp is a built-in amp that detects your headphone impedance and adjusts accordingly to produce pitch-perfect sound. Connectivity has reached new hights in the Rampage V Extreme. Bring on some RAID 0 insanity. KeyBot grants gamers an instant keyboard upgrade.

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