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As you'd expect of an interchangeable lens camera, especially one that leaves the shutter open most of the time to facilitate Live View, the Samsung NX10 also. Here you can find the list and details of all the compatible lenses for Samsung NX10 camera. LensHero evaluates Samsung NX10 Lenses to find the best!

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Samsung NX10 Camera LENS Driver

Ease of Use The recent launch of mirror-less compact cameras with large sensors have certainly captured the imagination of many photographers recently.

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Featuring compact-like handling combined with DSLR image quality, the first wave of models from Olympus and Panasonic have all been part of the open Micro Four Thirds standard, targeting those users who want to trade up from a compact Samsung NX10 Camera LENS who are scared away by the size and complexity of a DSLR, and also DSLR owners looking for a moore portable second camera. With 3 lenses, flashguns and accessories available on launch, with 5 more lenses planned for release inSamsung have clearly made a big commitment to the NX concept.

First impressions of the NX10 are very positive, especially considering the aggressive pricing that undercuts all its main rivals by some considerable margin. Samsung have opted to make the NX10 a mass-market device with an all-plastic body and mm kit lens with a plastic mount, rather than taking on the more premium offerings from Olympus and Panasonic the plastic E-PL1 aside.

This is not to say that the NX10 isn't well-built though, and it's certainly a light camera at Samsung NX10 Camera LENS over g, which you'll appreciate during a long day's shooting.

The depth and weight increase when the supplied poly-carbonate mounted mm kit lens is fitted, making the NX10 instantly more DSLR-like, but fitting the 30mm pancake lens creates a compact overall package that will particularly suit street photographers looking for an indiscrete camera. The lenses are where the main area where the NX10 suffers in comparison to the Micro Four Thirds cameras, especially if you're looking for the smallest overall package.

The NX10 is relatively tiny when twinned with the 30mm pancake lens, but the mm and especially the mm Samsung NX10 Camera LENS are quite a lot bigger and heavier than their MFT's equivalents - take a look at the Product Images page to get an idea of just how large they make the NX10 as a whole. This is completely understandable given the larger sensor that Samsung NX10 Camera LENS at Samsung NX10 Camera LENS heart of the NX10, and is the trade-off for the image quality advantages that an APS-C sensor offers.

Only you can decide if size and portability or image quality is more important to you. Optical image stabilisation is supplied via the lenses, rather than being built-in to the camera body as with the Olympus cameras. Initially available on the mm and mm lenses but not Samsung NX10 Camera LENS 30mm pancake it can be turned on and off via the OIS switch on the lens barrel, with two different modes accessible through the main menu system.

When enabled, the NX10 automatically compensates for camera shake, which is a slight blurring of the image that typically occurs at slow shutter speeds when the camera is hand held. In practice I found that it does make a noticeable difference. You don't notice that the camera is actually doing anything different when anti-shake is turned on, just that you can Samsung NX10 Camera LENS slower shutter speeds than normal and still take sharp photos.

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Thankfully leaving the anti-shake system on all the time didn't affect the battery-life too badly. One area where the NX10 really shines is styling and layout.

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In my opinion this is the best-looking of all the mirror-less cameras, opting for a clean and modern DSLR-like design rather than the retro look of Olympus' PEN series, and which is more curved and "organic" than Samsung NX10 Camera LENS Panasonic G-series models. More importantly it also offer a logical and intuitive interface that belies the fact that this is a first generation product.

Samsung NX10 Camera LENS Driver Download

Samsung's engineering team have firmly hit the nail on the head here, striking a great balance between providing easy access to the main features and achieving an uncluttered control system whilst still managing to cater for both beginner and prosumer alike. Samsung NX10 Camera LENS NX10 is also better constructed than you'd expect given its relatively small size, Samsung NX10 Camera LENS weight and budget price-tag, and is on a par with a lot of entry-level DSLRs.

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Front Rear Large metal neck strap eyelets are located on top of the NX10 at the sides, with the rear dominated by the fixed 3 inch LCD screen. There's a generous, textured black plastic hand-grip on the left-front of the camera and a thumb-grip on Samsung NX10 Camera LENS rear finished in the same rubberised material.

Having all of these connections in one location makes perfect sense.

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On the front of the Samsung NX10 is a small focus-assist and self-timer indicator lamp, lens release button, the NX lens mount, rubberised hand-grip, and a handy and un-expected Depth of Field Preview button. Located on the bottom of the camera is the battery compartment protected by a plastic lockable cover.

Also found on the bottom of the camera is a metal tripod mount which is commendably located in-line with the centre of the lens mount. The mere mention of an Samsung NX10 Camera LENS is usually enough to elicit loud groans from any serious photographer, as they have traditionally been poorly implemented in the past, with low-res, grainy displays that were only really suitable for still subjects.

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Thankfully the electronic viewfinder on the NX10 is much better than most other systems, although not quite as good as the Panasonic cameras.

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