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COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Driver

I was on a budget(INR ), and I tried out various other brands and was not satisfied. I was clinging on to the I was told by my girlfriend to drop all. Compare prices on Cowon iAudio E2 2GB MP3 Players. Read Genuine reviews of your favorite products on Besides Cowon Iaudio E2 4 Gb Mp3 Player Reviews, you can also buy this product online.

COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Driver (2019)

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COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Driver

Advanced MP3 Players Cowon iAudio E2 4GB MP3 Player

Not exactly thrilled at the navigation controls on either player, but the E2's small, poorly-labeled buttons offer no practical advantage over the shuffle's headphone remote. If sound is all you care about, this really does sound better than the iPod Shuffle.

COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Drivers

Also, if you're just someone who's into gadgets with a minimal design, E2 will probably turn a few more heads than the iPod Shuffle, which is practically invisible. It's arguably not as stylish, but it's infinitely more practical than both of these players and large enough not to end up in the washing machine.

COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Drivers for Windows Mac

The transfer time for MB will take just over 3 minutes. You also get a one-year warranty upon purchasing the product. It is compact and lightweight.

The gadget also features a keyring style so you can easily attach it to your car keys and other handy materials. Many users prefer to put it around a belt loop, their bag or around the neck. The product is fully made of plastic but is quite durable and can with stand the occasional drops and bumps.

There are a number of colors to choose from as well namely sky blue, white, metallic lilac, violet, orange and mocha brown. There are three buttons on each side of the gadget.

The mids and the bass reproduction is impressive for the player of the Cowon iAudio E2's size. The bass is taut, rich and deep while the mids have great details and are well-focused. The highs extended well and sounded sharp.

Listening to songs like Watch This by Slash from his recent self-titled album revealed that the iAudio E2 sounded crispy rich and detailed for genre like Rock with no compromise on the low end either. Hip Hop and Trance sounded great too with deep bass without sounding boomy.

COWON iAUDIO E2 MP3 Player Mac

The highs on the other hand despite being sharp and bright lack a bit of coherence when pushing the volume towards the limit. However, this is still way above the average in the ultra compact category.

The player also has good enough power to drive most in-earphones. Even though the Cowon iAudio E2 came with nine audio enhancements, we found the Normal sounded the best.

Even though they added depth, presence and soundstage, when it comes to overall sound quality, some frequency ranges always had to give in while others were gaining.

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