Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer 64 BIT Driver

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Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Driver

Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Series 9 Notebook NPX1A from Samsung US Support. The Samsung Notebook 9 is a 15 inch laptop that is extremely lightweight and thin. . that offers precise color viewing, game usability enhancement and accurate gaming. The Samsung Series 9 NPX3A-B01 Inch Laptop has earned a personal finance, real estate, architecture, television, movies, entertainment. and product specifications for your Series 9 Notebook NPX3A from Samsung US Support. Color Black, Black/Black, Midnight Blue Crystal Design.

Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Windows Vista 32-BIT

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Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Driver

Plus, the cursor sometimes jumped around when we had a finger resting there. We rarely, if ever, encounter these issues with MacBooks. But if you use one hand to navigate you won't have this problem.

There's a three-finger flick for navigating within apps such as the photo viewer and browser. The four-finger gestures further attempt to mimic Mac OS X functionality: Swipe down to minimize everything and view the desktop and swipe up to activate the Aero 3D window manager. Swiping right presents a simple box listing all programs and windows, while swiping left toggles back and forth between the last two open windows.

We were able to execute each of these gestures easily every time we tried. And Synaptics provides visual tutorials Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer the settings menu, where users can also deactivate anything they don't want to use. Overall, Samsung and Synaptics did an excellent job with the gestures.

Display and Webcam Although the resolution on the Series 9's display is standard xSamsung calls it SuperBright for a reason. The matte screen has a brightness of nits, which offers vivid colors and deep blacks, plus good visibility even at extreme horizontal angles.

Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Drivers Windows XP

Whether watching HD video or a slideshow of the most interesting images on Flickr, the gorgeous screen didn't disappoint. The inch MacBook Air has a higher resolution xbut is a hair less vibrant than the Series 9 when compared side by side. With a fair amount of ambient light, the device captured rich and colorful images.

Samsung Series 9 (13-inch) Review

In low light, colors were washed out but there was little to no blur or noise. Speakers The Series 9 speakers are thin little strips on the left and right edges of the casing. We were able to fill a small room with music on just 50 percent, and pumping it up to 70 percent overcame medium background noise.

Even audio on Hulu videos sounded decently loud. Still, you won't use this machine as your preferred music player.

Zoe Keating's layered cello performance in "Sun Will Set" sounded mushed together and indistinct; John Barrowman's soaring tenor in "All Out Of Love" had none of the characteristic depth. We fiddled with the SRS Premium Sound Equalizer software to see if we could get better sound out of the speakers, but none of the sliders improved the quality much and sometimes made it worse.

While the Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Air doesn't offer stunning audio, the speakers underneath the keyboard offer much better quality in comparison.

Heat When using the inch Series 9 we didn't notice it getting uncomfortably hot in our laps. However, on a flat surface the underside registered 99 degrees after playing a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes.

Series 9 Notebook NPX3A Owner Information & Support Samsung US

The area by the vent was naturally hotter: On top, the touchpad only reached 82 degrees Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer the space between the G and H keys got up to We consider anything above 95 degrees to be uncomfortable. Performance The Samsung Series 9 boasts a second-generation 1. This is about 3, marks higher than the ultraportable average and almost 1, more than the inch MacBook Air 5, Compared to other Core i5 ultraportables, the Series 9 still looks good.

Samsung NP900X3A Series 9 Movie Color Enhancer Drivers PC

Lenovo's powerful Thinkpad X 2. In our transcode testing, the Series 9 and the Air are evenly matched--both completed the test in 1 minute and 29 seconds. That's more than twice as fast as the average ultraportable But Series 9 lags behind the inch Air's Boot time into Windows 7 Home Premium bit was accordingly speedy: The Series 9 includes Samsung's Fast Start utility, which puts the notebook in a state of hybrid sleep when users close the lid.

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